Twitter: Mobile Trivia Gameshow While Stuck in Traffic

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We talk about twitter all the time in our community. What is twitter? Can you define it? Do you like it? Do you prefer it over other platforms? What does it twitter smell like? (just kidding) I believe that twitter is what you make of it. In its most basic form Twitter is a platform. A platform where people can ask questions, tell you what they ate for lunch, communicate with colleagues, vent their frustrations, promote their blogs, post links to videos, announce fresh content, relay breaking news stories, argue, debate, create 3rd party applications that harness the powers of twitter, and so on.

Recently, while stuck in the horrible Houston traffic, I decided to expand my twitter horizons and do something new. Instead of getting pissed off about my situation: sitting in bumper to bumper rush-hour traffic, I decided to send out a tweet that asks for the lyrics of the song I am listening to in the car. Now, while this sounds dangerous, I am a highly trained blackberry twitter texter. So, please, if you are playing on a mobile device be careful. I think I just heard insurance rates go up. This week we have been concentrating on quite possibly the finest era for music, yes folks, the 1980’s, and the response has been GREAT!

When I get ready to start my game I twitter the following in one form or another:

A typical trivia tweet looks like this:

And here is one of the answers that came in from my bud @fireman17:

Sorry I could not resist. Here is what my car sounded like when I started that game:

This has been so much fun and I hope that more people will play along, either from their computer or their wireless device. Twitter is about having fun, building communities of like-minded people, and making it what you will. If you would like to play mobile music trivia with @4four1ones, you can typically find me tweeting out the show intro between 5 and 6pm central standard time M-F. Still working on a permanent title for the show.Here is something to think about:
Don’t let other people define who you are or what you can do.

Trivia ya soon. Get ready for tomorrow.

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