The Belkin Upright Compact Surge Protector

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The Belkin Compact Surge Protector with Upright configuration is a great way to finally take control over yoursurge/wiring  configurations under your desk. If your work desk looks anything like mine, you might find multiple monitors, several desktops, macbook pro, printers, router, wireless phone, ipod, podcasting equipment, lamps, dvd player, cable box, lcd television, and more. This amount of equipment yields a very messy grouping of various sized power cords, large adapters, small adapters and more. Even if you just have several of these items on your work desk, you can also benefit from this awesome surge protector solution.Our most valuable commodity in our home offices or work offices is space. It seems that we are a society that is unable to live in simplicity because of our dependency upon technology. Ok, so we accept that – let’s move on. So, let’s get our offices under control. Let’s ensure that we have a safe working environment – especially if you have small children or pets (as seen in my video – Buster, my English Bulldog lives under my office desk) Let’s remove the presence of stress in our workspace by having a tidy power cord solution.Here is the answer to your surge nightmares: BELKIN COMPACT SURGE

This surge protector has the following:
– 8 power outlets
– 6 foot power cord
– 3195 joules of surge protection
– $200,000 connected equipment warranty*

This surge protector is very unique in its configuration. Four power outlets are found on the top of the surge to accommodate your standard plug and four power outlets are found near the base on the side of this upright, skinny surge to accommodate power adapters. I picked up several of these to use in both of my offices and in other areas of my home.

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