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It’s about flexibility.

In the design world, flexibility can be a hard thing to discover. Neon-hued, fire trimmed rocking the bowling alley shirts, for example, offer a genuinely restricted scope of style utility. Fortunately, there are a couple of staple things—like a basic crewneck sweater or a dark calfskin aircraft coat—that can, with the slight change or two, significantly grow a closet. Also, now, you can add a suit to that rundown with BOSS’s energetic new overcoat and pants.

In contrast to conventional suits, the BOSS stretch variant weds athletic wear—as specialized stretch texture and a drawstring midsection—with exemplary fitting to make a rich, current half breed that can take you from gatherings on Monday to drinks on Friday. Welcome to your new generally useful suit.


Robbie Fimmano

Overcoat by BOSS; pants by BOSS.

On the off chance that your workday comprises for the most part of sitting at a work area, a customary fleece suit is fine. In any case, in the event that work always has you in a hurry, you require something that better faces the rigors of metros, transports, taxis, bistro gatherings, and long treks crosswise over town.

The stretch materials in this suit—incorporating stretch covering in the jacket—settle on it the perfect decision for the portable expert. Regardless of whether you need to wear it with a dress shirt and tie or skew more loose with a T-shirt or sweatshirt, the suit’s worked in adaptability implies you’ll generally be the most cleaned fellow in the room, regardless of what you experienced to arrive.

What’s more, realizing that you can twist yourself into the little secondary lounge of a Uber—or more terrible, an economy situate on a plane—without destroying your suit is no little thing.


Coat by BOSS; shirt by BOSS; pants by BOSS; shoes by BOSS.

Aside from the specialized stretch texture and drawstring versatile midriff, both the coat and pants are developed like customary fitting. So a basic change to a dress shirt, tie, and a couple of dark Oxfords is all you’ll have to look like it in most expert settings.

A man strolling in a Hugo Boss suit

Robbie Fimmano

The main genuine distinction among you and your associates is that you could do yoga presents in your suit while they’re wrapped up like wieners in theirs.

On colder days, level up the expert refinement by including a flawlessly fitted fleece topcoat. It’s exemplary twentieth century style meets 21st century-level solace.


Robbie Fimmano

Sweater by BOSS; coat by BOSS; pants by BOSS.

Need something more upscale than your normal end of the week look, yet less office-y than your ordinary weekday wear? That is simple enough. Swap your cotton team neck with a dim turtleneck for your night out and include a freshly custom-made twofold breasted coat.

Stay with a basic combine of tennis shoes and you see that is simple, cleaned, and contemporary. Fundamentally, it’s smooth moderation at its best.


Robbie Fimmano

On account of the milder, sportier fit, this suit offers an extensive level of flexibility—especially when the coat and pants are part up.

In contrast to pants (which can skew as well laidback) or conventional pants (which can look as well formal), these thin fit jeans hit the easygoing/exquisite sweet spot, particularly when matched with a dull cashmere turtleneck and a calfskin plane coat. It’s spruced up enough to get you into any bar or club nearby, however not all that formal that you’ll appear as though you just originated from the workplace.

Toss on a couple of softened cowhide Chelsea boots and you’re ready.

Sweater by BOSS; pants by BOSS.



Robbie Fimmano

Sweater by BOSS; overcoat by BOSS.

In case you’re taking off some place with a swankier clothing regulation, you’ll just need one change to the troupe above: Switch the calfskin plane for the stretch overcoat.

The suit-and-turtleneck combo loans a dash of refinement that has been worn by everybody from Steve McQueen to LeBron James. Furthermore, because of the delicate bore development of the Boss overcoat, you’ll look more Continental man-about-town and less fusty English teacher.

In addition, while the turtleneck gives you the perfect line of a run of the mill knitwear-and-pant blend, you’ll additionally have the expanded solace of the versatile midriff underneath. It’s a win for both style and wearability.


Robbie Fimmano

Coat by BOSS, sweater by BOSS; pants by BOSS, shades by BOSS.

Dressing easygoing doesn’t mean you can’t look fresh and set up together. Truth be told, that ought to be your objective.

In any case, chinos can look as well preppy, pants as well rough, and slacks as well formal. These drawstring stretch pants take the best of every one of the three universes and merges them into one some jeans. The neat and tidy offers more clean than pants, while the flexible abdomen makes them less formal than customary slacks and more contemporary than chinos.

Toss on a cotton team sweater and some moderate shoes, and you essentially have the ideal end of the week on-the-town equip. What’s more, the best part is, you’ll be as agreeable as though you were wearing running pants.

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