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Selecting The Appropriate UPS Backup – Proactive Protection

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We prepare for many things in life – dangerous weather, home security, life insurance, etc. It seems that one area in particular, that takes a back seat is our personal computers. With so many pieces of our life being digital: photos, videos, documents, etc., it is very important to have your pc on a UPS backup. A UPS backup allows you to finish your tasks and safely shut down your computer during bad weather or power surges in order to protect your data and your computer hardware/components.  I have suffered through too many damaged computers/peripherals/corrupted files due to power surges caused by bad weather, power surges and crumby surge protectors. Always back up your data and always have your PC on a UPS backup.

Purchasing the correct UPS can be a daunting task. Blindly picking any UPS power supply at your local computer store will do you no good, if you do not take into consideration the power loads exerted on the UPS by your PC setup. Well the good news is that you no longer have to worry about purchasing an inadequate UPS. One of the leaders in UPS backup devices, APC, has a very helpful web page that helps you determine what appropriate UPS solution exists for your computer/peripheral setup. After filling out this very simple form you will be served several different APC UPS products that protect your computer from surges and present you with battery run times after a power loss, while taking into consideration your PC power load. Just know that an adequate power supply can cost a pretty penny, but when you consider the alternative, lost data or a damaged computer, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Here is what the page looks like:

Tell the APC UPS Backup about your PC Setup

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