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Pro gamers to carry olympic torch. Epic x10

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Pro gamers Sky and Moon, Korean gamers and elitists of Warcraft 3, will have the grand opportunity of carrying the torch to the Beijing Olympics. With full support of gaming from the Chinese government, this also allowed two of my idols to carry the torch as well: Junchun “Pj” Sha and Lei “Leilei” Shen. Both of which are worldwide known Starcraft players.

If you are completely in the dark as to why these nerds of the nth degree are even allowed to look at the torch, you might wanna check out GOMTV. Gaming is HUGE in japan. These gamers are treated like royalty for how quickly they can obliterate you. They have the tenacity and the veracity of a velociraptor.It’s interesting to now see that with gaming taking off as a new media and with certain games taking off, I’m glad to see one country embracing the skills that these kids have. Thus why I fully support Digital Games 2008.

From Posted April 16

“GGL, in partnership with China Internet Gaming (CIG) and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), will organize and co-produce a competitive gaming tournament for gamers of all skill levels.”


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