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Making Sense of The New Web

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We are bombarded by new applications and tools each day in this evolving web space. Do you feel frustrated by having to keep up with all these new apps? It seems to parallel the fashion space. One day a certain pair of shoes are in and the next day they are out of style. Same goes for the realm of web applications. One day everyone is using a certain web app to communicate, market, or simply hang-out and the next day it is considered mere web fodder. If you are building a personal brand in today’s web space, one might feel pressures to be involved on every network, every web application, or tool that appears.

This means an innumerable amount of logins and passwords and an overwhelming feeling to contribute to each one. When does this become counterproductive? The answer is simple – quickly. One must determine why they are engaged in this space. Is it for business? Is it to help market your personal brand? Is it to find a new job? Is it to make new friends? Is it to promote your music or podcast? Is it to promote your favorite hobby? Everyone has their own reason.

Ultimately, you have to determine what these web apps or tools will help you accomplish. If you do not think you will use it, do not waste your time signing up for an account. For instance, you may not need an account on friendfeed, socialthing, and spokeo. They all do similar things. Visit each site, read about their amenities and then make a selection. Ask your friends what networks/web apps they are on, this too can help you justify your decision. It’s okay if you are not on every web application or utilizing every new tool on the interwebz. Simplify your life by reducing your web app commitments and HAVE FUN! Working on the web or communicating with friends shouldn’t be a stressful experience.

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