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Kung-Fu Candidates – Mortal Kombat for The Presidency

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I am sure you will agree that this particular race for The White House has been an over-cooked, ridiculous media circus. Last night, while reviewing the latest numbers in the race, I came to a question. I said to myself, “Self, why is it that we drag these party nominations and presidential elections out for so long?” After much pontification and running across this game, Kung-Fu Election, I think someone has hit the nail on the head. In Kung-Fu Election, you are able to duke it out Mortal Kombat style and pit same party candidates against each other, or a Democrat candidate vs. a Republican candidate. While some of these candidates are no longer in the running, it is still very funny to fight with them or against them. Let’s have a Democratic nominee already for goodness sakes. When we do, let’s designate a secret area where a best of 3 rounds, to the death, Kung-Fu competition will take place. No more voting, no more whining, no more big politics, and no more fake speeches about what the candidates will do when they gain the Presidency. It’s time for martial arts to decide who is the strongest person for Presidency. Because nothing says I am the strongest person for The White House, than when you finish off your opponent using “The Eagle Claw of Death” or “The Spinning Tiger Kick of Flaming Fury”. Gosh, things would be so much more simple and the media could concentrate on something else to inflate – it’s a twofer!

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