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Get Your Wolverine X-Men Claws

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While doing my morning blog reading, I was intrigued by an ad over at The advertisement was for ninja swords and gear. Now, you might be asking yourself, “why on earth did 4four1ones click on that” ? Well, I don’t know why I did, it just happened, ok!?

So, I’m looking at the swords and ninja gear and I ran across this item.

I know, I know! I thought the exact same thing. You could totally cook hot dogs on these things and slice an apple, lickity split. I might actually have to buy a pair of these. I think ill gel my hair up, grow out my sideburns and walk into a fine restaurant to apply for the sous chef position. When they ask me for my resume, I’ll just glare at them and schwing out my wolvie blades and snarkily say, “Does it look like I need one” ?

While looking at the website that sells this fodder, I was laughing to myself thinking of possible warehouse conversations between customer service and shipping. I thought it might sound something like this:

Hey Richie!!
Hey, I got some bozo on the line that wants those ridiculous claws.
….we don’t have any in stock. tell that lunatic that they are on backorder!
Ummm….he said that the world hangs in the balance and that his boss Xavier does not like our answer.

Links That Are Leet:
– get the claws shown above here:
– Ebay item: Bid on Hugh Jackman’s REAL Wolverine claws used in X-Men

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