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Double Dragon Fanboys – Barats & Bereta

These two guys are hilarious. If you like improv/sketch comedy, then you will love Luke Barats and Joe Bereta

From their site –
“Luke Barats and Joe Bereta began collaborating in 2003 at Gonzaga University where they were active in the theater department, broadcasting department, and led the school’s improv comedy troupe. Later that year they began making short videos to amuse their friends which were eventually compiled on a website.

In 2005 Barats and Bereta won the Brickwall Amateur Comedy Competition with their two-man stand up routine. That same year they won the Spokane First Night Film Festival and received some sweet plaques to prove it. Since then their short, punchy videos have made their way around the Internet and have been seen by a goodly number of people.

Barats and Bereta are currently employed at Cornerbooth Film & Video Production and perform improv with ComedySportz in Spokane, Washington.”

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