CyperPower CP1285AVRLCD UPS

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A few months ago I decided to pick up a the CyperPower CP1285AVRLCD Uninterruptible power supply.

Living in the city we do have the occasional brownout. The other day I was siting at my desk pulling an all niter when the power had gone out for 45 minutes. The CyberPower CP1285AVRLCD didn’t hiccup once. Every 2 minutes the unit would beep a pleasant tone letting you know it has lost power.

The LCD display clearly stated I would 45+ minutes of auxiliary power to run my devices. (20 inch iMac, 22 inch LCD display, 2 USB external hard drives, Mixing Desk with firewire audio device, Blue Snowball microphone, iPhone, Cable Modem, Linksys switch, and my old PC running Smoothwall as the router.)

I am extremely happy with this device and would recommend it to anyone.

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