Call Of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack

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Recently, there has been an update that has Call Of Duty 4 players all ecstatic. New Maps! This has been very exciting to the owners of the consoles, PlayStation 3, and the xBox 360. A variety map pack has been released for these consoles and is a refreshing boost to online play. But what about the PC gamers?

Being a PC only gamer myself, I was dissatisfied with unconfirmed announcements of the map pack being released for the PC version of Call Of Duty 4. But on June 5th, our PC prayers were answered. A patch was released that included these new maps that all our console gaming friends have been enjoying. Along with an update of the server filtering system in order to find specific game types.

Lets take a look at the maps. Click on the images for a larger view…


This one is the most graphic of the new maps. Level is modeled after a run down “village” with a large, almost dry creek going away from it. With old cars, broken outhouse, barns, and even a waterfall, this level makes for a good time out in the pines. And just for more realism, the shifting wind sounds add a nice touch.

2.China Town

Just as the title describes, Chinatown is city-scene based map with lots of buildings of stores and businesses. And of course streets full of cars and construction and what not. And the whole level is covered in Chinese banners, signs, and other writings all along the way.


Based off a level in the single player game mode, Broadcast brings real life elements to the game that no other level does as well. With computer monitors, television cameras, and corporate office conference rooms, this level has complexity all over it. With its detail in making everyday objects in our life seem real, makes this level so fun.


This is my favorite. Killhouse, based on the training falcility and the begining of the single player mode, brings a feeling like your in military training. From cameras everywhere to the pictures of “the enemy” on plywood, all taking place in a large, airplane hanger looking, building.

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