laptop-dealsThere is nothing wrong with wanting to have the latest technology. Whether you’re shopping for a new cellphone, a flatscreen TV or a laptop you should get the fastest, sleekest and most powerful available. Of course, doing so could have you buying a new model every six months. Instead, you’ll feel good about making a major purchase when you know you’ve done everything you can to save money. Case in point: Buying your next laptop.  Unless you’ve dropped your current model and are in desperate need of a replacement, you’ll want to take your time to do a little research. As you’ll see on our site, we have HP Coupons,  Dell Coupons,  Lenovo Coupons,  and more! Please consider these money saving tips before you plunk down big bucks for your next Apple or HP or Toshiba:

• Figure Out What You Need

Just why are you getting your laptop? Is it for gaming? Will you be using it exclusively for school? Are you setting out to write the next great American novel? Whatever that reason might be it should be the determining factor as to what the level of laptop you should purchase. Yes, we’d all love to drive around in a Lamborghini but is that practical and can you really afford that?

In the laptop world, a touchscreen could be really cool but do you really need that to write your term papers? Also, if you have access to an operating system that you’re comfortable with, why get a laptop that is pre-installed with something like Windows 8? A stripped down version of a laptop will save you plenty and it’s not that hard to load up what you need.

This issue of “what you need” can also apply to RAM space knowing full well that you can upgrade down the line at fairly affordable costs. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay for a pro to make that kind of upgrade. It’s a DIY project that is easy to do.

• Opt For the Average Size

In the laptop arena the average display size is a 15.6-inch screen. As it turns out, going smaller such as with the Ultrabook or bigger with a 17-inch screen is going to cost you more. This goes back to the issue of what you need. If it is important that your laptop is truly mobile, you might not want to be lugging around that bigger model.

• Consider the Open Box

If laptops are changing every six months then it stands to reason that last year’s model might not be that far removed from this year’s model. You might have a hard time finding older laptops at retail stores but there are plenty of bargains to be had on places like eBay or Craigslist. You might also want to check out reputable online sites that deal in refurbished laptops. Here is where you can score a great deal on MacBooks. That’s because a refurbished model has often gone through more rigorous testing. For added peace of mind, make sure the place you’re buying from has a decent return policy.

• Wait for the Sales 

As with most electronics, you’ll find better bargains around the holidays. You just have to be patient. The closer you get to Christmas the better the deal. The same could be said for immediately after Christmas, as retailers are eager to clear out their shelves to make room for new merchandise. If you have the stamina to square off against the Black Friday hordes then you could land an even bigger deal.

No matter where you’re shopping, you should always first look online for any potential coupons or discounts. There are plenty of sites which collect all the major manufacturers’ rebates and discount offers. Even finding a $25 off coupon or free software is going to mean extra money in your pocket. Isn’t that what you’re really after?